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About Publimanger

The Content Management Platform enables the online collaboration of designers and content creators. Publimanger’s main feature is its ability to produce a clean structured (tagged) XML file from that content.

For Indesign users Importing the new XML file: The XML comes complete with paragraph styles, character styes, cell styles and table styles, footnotes etc. and will completely replace the content with the changes made in Publimanger, reducing the time spent on correction rounds for the designers by at least 30%.

Publication projects Designer and writer work closely together online to prepare the design process in InDesign. Publimanger forms the bridge between client and designer.

Conviction Working with corporate documents, white papers, reports, dissertations and publications has taught us that the process from content development/delivery to publication should be simplified, especially with multiple correction rounds.

Online Content into Indesign Styles

In Publimanger, the copy is formed by tags, and exported as XML so you can immediately start formatting in InDesign.

Automatic mapping XML tags to styles, creates a link between copy marked up with an XML tag and a paragraph, character style, table or cell style that will subsequently format the data marked up with that particular tag. Adjustments, writing, correcting and exporting all take place within Publimanger.

The easiest way to keep track of editorial changes in your design

Co-write, edit, correct and prepare (corporate) multi-language content for fast and easy publishing. Content creators, editors, translators, copywriters, publishers, desktop publishers and graphic designers.


  • Teams think of content creator, editor, web editor, financial auditors, illustrator, photographer and designer
  • Setting up publications in multiple languages Linking language dependent properties to text, tables and illustrations.
  • Collaborate work with multiple authors on financial reports, educational books, dissertations, white papers, articles, newsletters.
  • Flexibility: Work with (house style) templates and your own files. The XML links labels to tags and contains all styles, so that you can immediately get started with a file or InDesign document. This gives designers complete freedom.
  • Publimanger exports creates a validated tagged XML with paragraph styles, character styles, cell styles and table styles, headers, footnotes. These styles are immediately visible in the InDesign document. So you don't have to create styles yourself and you can design directly.
  • Take Control of text versions and correction rounds. Make corrections in no time in Publimanger and simply replace the XML file in your document without having to find out which corrections have been made where. Sending Pdf's with corrections is a thing of the past.
  • Create custom document styles online for each corporate identity guideline.
  • High res files To be able to work faster online, low resolution files are uploaded. The high resolution files with same name are then automatically found in the local or cloud folder and loaded into InDesign (.ai, .psd, .eps etc.).
  • Control Automatically link paragraph styles, character styles, cell styles, table styles and labels with CSS for InDesign XML export with tags. Asset Management of (consolidated) tables, footnotes and templates.
  • Keep your publication projects clear, transparent and cost-efficient.

Projects always up-to-date, correct export and publish from one platform

Publimanger is a complete online platform for managing publication projects.


Made specifically for InDesign users.

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